Feet on the ground,
eyes on the stars

Phoenix Space is a groundbreaking program to educate, empower and inspire displaced and disadvantaged youth in the Middle East through space science courses, technology training, and atmospheric experiments.


As a consequence of the Syrian refugee crisis, scientific literacy among displaced youth has been reduced to a critically low level. Building scientific and technological literacy is essential to individual and collective prosperity as it raises the quality of public and private decision making.

Phoenix Space creates and presents STEM-focused educational courses and activities, initially focused on space science, to further the education of displaced and disadvantaged students in the Middle East. We also offer space science programs in the US and Europe, with the proceeds supporting our work with refugee children.

Join Phoenix Space supporters from around the world who are helping us fulfill our mission of bringing space science education to refugee and disadvantaged students. You can help in a variety of ways, such as donating items for education and training programs, creating sponsorships and partnerships, and volunteering your time and expertise.

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Phoenix Space is part of the ‘Call to Orbit’ orbit readiness program, run by Open Cosmos and the European Space Agency.

In a first of its kind, we will culminate this programme with an in-orbit experiment aboard a satellite in collaboration with the European Space Agency and Open Cosmos. The students will build, test and use the apparatus to take useful data from low-earth orbit, inspiring them in a unique opportunity to learn and collaborate in truly global science.